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Coaching Academy

Award Winning Coaching Programmes

Internal & External Academy Programmes

Internal & External Coaching Academy Programmes

As the value and impact of coaching has grown in both demand and appreciation, more and more Organisations have looked to develop a "Coaching Culture" that is fully supported by an qualified internal coaching capability.  Since 2011, I have co-designed and delivered programmes, structures and support that have built some of the most successful internal Coaching Academies across Europe and the US.


These customised and accreditted programmes have successfully increased and developed the coaching capability and performance of the hundreds of graduates who have achieved the highest standards in coaching.


A multi-level approach enables the Organisation to develop from a basic coaching conversation through to qualified executive level coaching.


In 2015, I also began delivering "external" Coaching Acdemy Programmes for general and public attendance.



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Coaching Tips

Set Up & Preparation

  • Be clear on the purpose and desired outcome from having a Coaching Academy, ie, to develop internal coaches, to develop a coaching culture, to upskill certain groups, to adopt a coaching approach to appraisals etc.
  • Decide upon how success will be measured and acknowledged.
  • Identify who your target audience is.
  • Consider the different applications and use of coacing that you will want or expect to see.
  • Give thought to the criteria for participation in your Coaching Academy.
  • Understand that a successful Coaching Academy will require a level of ongoing support and development in the form of lerning support and supervision.



What to Expect

  • A highly interactive and practical coaching workshop experience.
  • A clear understanding of what coaching is, and what it is not.
  • Where exactly coaching sits on the development spectrum.
  • Introduction to the process and model for Coaching.
  • Early participation into having a coaching conversation.
  • The 5 key differentiators of being a coach.
  • Overcoming and avoiding the barriers to Coaching.
  • The Coaching set up and conditions.
  • Presence & Active Listening
  • How to Ask Great Questions
  • Managing Emotion, Empathy & Objectivity
  • Providing Support & Direction
  • Practical Coaching Examples & Practice
  • How to complete and conclude a Session.



Ongoing Development

  • The set up of learning support groups where each member gets to coach, be coached, or observe under supervision.
  • The completion of a Coaching Journal detailing learning, progress and development.
  • Record of Coaching Practice
  • Coaching Accreditation
  • Coaching Certification (where appropriate)
  • Ongoing Coaching Practice
  • Situational Coaching Development to meet specific needs and scenarios
  • Online Coach Support & Development at CoachPro