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Coaching Leaders

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Leadership Development Sessions


Leadership Development Sessions

The requirements of the successful modern day leader have become complex as the need to create, inspire and deliver continually improving resuts have increased.


With custom designed Leadership Programmes, Leaders, their Teams and their Organisation can drive and influence results through the compelling vision, ambitious goals and clear objectives that create powerful momentum.

A combined approach of situational and behavioural development ensures that the principles,

concepts and process of successful Leadership is optimally applied. 


High impact topics will include;

Vision, Strategy, Leadership, Communication, Influence, Motivation, Performance Management, High Performance Teams, Budget Planning, Sales Focus, Engagement & Coaching Skills.


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Coaching Tips

Set Up & Preparation

  • Be clear on the reason for coaching; the desired outcomes and output with the coach. coachee, and the sponsor.
  • Distinguish between the desired outcomes and the additional benefits that can be realised, ie, confidence & self-awareness..
  • Understand the measures by which the Coaching will be considered a success.
  • Agree the timescales for the desired outcomes, key milestones and the periods of review.
  • Respect and trust the process.



What To Expect

  • To be asked key questions in an open, secure, focused and constructive setting, so engage with the process.
  • To be making the questions relevant by testing and applying them to real and current situations and opportunities.
  • To be participating throughout in order that the context of what is covered is relevant and understood by all.
  • To be challenged, questioned, supported and encouraged to remain solution-focused.
  • To be coming up with answers and decisions to create, redefine and lead.
  • To ensure that you leave with clear actions and commitment to the next steps.  Make some decisions!



Ongoing Development

  • Take accountability for each of the key actions and steps from the session or meeting.
  • Apply the tools and techniques quickly in situations where you are most comfortable so as to gain confidence and set a positive precedence.
  • Implement your plans and next steps into your "set plays" (the meetings, calls, conversations you know of) as this will provide the opportunity to prepare.
  • Ensure that you communicate the context and consideration behind your decisions to others.
  • Anticipate the hurdles and resistance that you are likely to experience, and be ready collectively.
  • Appreciate that not everything will go to plan, nor will it be easy to remain connected to your desired outcome, so be supportive and patient.