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Events & Meetings

Meetings, Conferences & Boardroom Facilitation

Meetings, Conferences & Boardroom Facilitation

Meetings, Conferences & Boardroom Facilitation

To ensure that your Meetings, Conferences & Boardroom Sessions achieve their optimal outcomes, it is vital to involve some external facilitation.  Not only does this offer your business the objectivity, impartiality, challenge and clarity of position, it also offers each delegate or team member the opportunity to focus and perform without carrying the overall pressure of the event.


I have worked with many Clients across the full spectrum of meetings; from Board Meetings, Sales Meetings, Strategy Meetings & Partner Meetings through to large scale Global Conferences, Company Retreats & Client Advisory Events over the past 20 years ensuring that these were designed and delivered to be optimal in their experience, communication and output.


Holding Meetings, Events & Conferences is always a significant investment in terms of time, effort, operational resource, and money. It is imperative that you then able to get the most ut of these investments for your people nd your Business.


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Coaching Tips

Set Up & Preparation

Whether you are running a meeting, an event or a full scale conference, it will always be important to be clear on the full value purpose in order that you can then design and deliver optimal outcomes.

  • Set out and define the specific outcomes, output and behavioural results that you are aiming for.
  • Be clear and disciplined in terms of most relevant attendees.
  • Consider the delegate or attendee experience to ensure that it is aligned and supportive of your aims.
  • Select a location that is equal for all attendees or delegates.
  • Create an environment that is congruent and complimentary to your desired outcomes and results.
  • Set out and communicate in advance what is expected of each delegate or attendee.


What to Expect

External facilitation, design and support can play a vital part in ensuring that your meetings, events and conferences achieve optimal outcomes.

You will benefit from:

  • Consistent Objectivity
  • Structure
  • Time Management
  • Discipline
  • Focus on Purpose
  • Professional Impartiality
  • An External Voice
  • A Broader Perspective
  • Less Emotional Baggage
  • Wide Industry Experience
  • Events & Conference Expertise
  • Facilitation & Support of Leadership
  • Leaders Can Focus More Freely
  • Full Engagement of Attendees & Delegates
  • Clear & Specific Output



Ongoing Development

Although there will be situations where a successful meeting, event ot conference can be great value on its own, there will almost always be the opportunity to have a more strategic approach to ensure that you maximise the return on your investment.

This can be supported and achieved through:

  • Setting Strategic Themes.
  • Designing a Programme of Events.
  • Creating Opportunities for Greater Delegation & Development.
  • Creating Opportunities for Greater Participation & Delivery.
  • Building upon Consistent Themes & Messaging.