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Executive Coaching

Award Winning Executive Coaching Programmes

1-2-1 Executive Coaching Sessions


1-2-1 Executive Coaching Sessions

Intense and focused executive level coaching sessions held at the premises of the client or at an alternative venue considered appropriate for a private and confidential discussion.


Outcomes, aims and meausures of success are agreed in advance with the Organisation, the Coachee and the Coach.


These sessions typically occur on a monthly basis lasting no more than 2 hours, driven by the Coachee in terms of focus, topic and desired outcomes.


These sessions will be supported by ongoing access to the Coach via telephone, email and informal meetings as required, and any relevant development materials, books, webinars, events etc.


These sessions may include self-assessments, 360-degree assessments, behavioural profiles, style analysis tools and/or collated feedback from colleagues, peers and customers.


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Coaching Tips

Set Up & Preparation

  • Be clear on the context behind the reason for the coaching assignment.
  • Understand the measures by which the coaching assignment will be considered as a success.
  • Agree the timescales for the desired outcomes, key milestones and the periods of review.
  • Always best to be positioned clearly as a process of support, development and progression.
  • Respect and trust the need for confidentiality.




What To Expect

  • To be asked loads of questions in a safe, secure, confidential setting, so trust the process.
  • To be setting the agenda, so bring 2-3 key and current things that you want to work on.
  • To be doing most of the talking, so come with an open mind and the willingness to share your thoughts.
  • To have your choices and options going forward expanded, so be ready and willing to consider change and progression.
  • To be coming up with your own answers and making your own decisions, so allow the coaching process to support and develop your thinking.





Development & Progress

  • Take your key learning points from each coaching session and then implement one at a time.
  • Practice any tools or techniques where you are most comfortable first so as to gain confidence and conviction in what you are doing.
  • Implement your learning first into your "set plays" (the meetings, calls, conversations you know of) as this will give you the opportunity to prepare.
  • Be authentic by creating your application, building upon your experience, and constructing your stories and examples.
  • Be patient with yourself and those around you, this is about continual progress rather than perfection.



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