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Group Coaching

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Group Coaching Sessions & Meetings



Group Coaching Sessions & Meetings

A hugely successful approach for developing a culture of high performance, results-focus and collaboration across teams and Organisations.


Topic and outcome specific, with measureable outcomes, these sessions are highly interactive, participative and effective in empowering, engaging and driving specilist and cross-functional teams. Where a collaborative, committed and solution-focused approach is required to achieve great collective results, there is no better approach. 


High impact topics will include;

Vision, Strategy, Leadership, Communication, Influence, Motivation, Performance Management, High Performance Teams, Budget Planning, Sales Focus, Engagement & Coaching Skills.

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Coaching Tips

Set Up & Preparation

  • Be clear on the context behind the reason for coaching this Group; the desired outcomes and output.
  • Distinguish between the desired outcomes and the additional benefits that can be realised, ie, teamwork.
  • Understand the measures by which the Group session or meeting will be considered as a success.
  • Agree the timescales for the desired outcomes, key milestones and the periods of review.
  • Respect and trust the individual and collective needs and emotions of the Group.

What To Expect

  • To be asked key questions in an open, secure, focused and constructive setting, so engage with the process.
  • To be making the content relevant by testing and applying to real and current situations and opportunities.
  • To be participating throughout in order that the context of what is covered is relevant and understood by all.
  • To be challenged, questioned, supported and encouraged to remain solution-focused.
  • To be coming up with your own answers and making your own decisions, so allow the process to support and develop your thinking.
  • To ensure that you leave with clear actions and commitment to the next steps.  Make some decisions!



Development & Progress

  • Ensure that there is accountability for each of the key actions and steps from the session or meeting.
  • Apply any tools or techniques quickly in situations where you are most comfortable so as to gain confidence and set a positive precedence.
  • Implement your plans and next steps into your "set plays" (the meetings, calls, conversations you know of) as this will provide the opportunity to prepare.
  • Ensure that you communicate the context and consideration behind your decisions to others.
  • Anticipate the hurdles and resistance that you are likely to experience, and be ready collectively.
  • Appreciate that not everything will go to plan, nor will it be easy to remain connected to your desired outcome, so be supportive and patient.