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The Ultimate Self-Development Platform

High Impact Models, Assessments, Programmes & Coaching Sessions In A Dynamic & Intuitive System Designed to Drive High Performance & Results.


For Leadership & Management Development

The most cost-effective and flexible way for a company to establish and implement a coaching culture across the whole Organisation.  With a focus on Leadership, Management, Business & Coaching Skills, this fully integrated and responsive system of Coaching Sessions, Models & Assessments is designed to deliver great results!


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For the Confidence to Set & Achieve Your Personal Goals

A fantastic, low-cost, responsive Self-Coaching System specifically designed to enhance personal performance and help you set and achieve your goals.  No contract, monthly subscription or limited access, CoachPro provides you wish lifelong learning and support to develop your happiness, direction and confidence to be the best version of you!


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Get The Job & Build the Career You Desire

With greater self-awareness, self-confidence, personal skills and professional performance, you can focus on getting the job, and building the career that you truly desire.  With coaching sessions, models, assessments, and complete programmes designed to help you reach optimal performance, you have all you need to reach your Career Goals!


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For the Professional Development of Coaches

A comprehensive Coaching System designed by Professionals for Professionals.  A fully integrated and responsive collection of Coaching Sessions, Models, Assessments & Programmes for a Coach to accelerate their professional learning and development. 


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For Strategic Partners & Resellers

We are delighted to be working with some of the top Job Boards, Recruitment Agencies, Media Businesses, Universities and Coaching Companies as their Strategic Partner.  As a "Co-Branded" System, CoachPro is enabling our Partners to attract, retain, engage and develop their audienceswith lifelong learning and support.


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What You Will Find @

Comprehensive Self-Development Platform

No Subscriptions, No Contract, No Restricted Access, No Hassle.

CoachPro provides unlimited access to Coaching Sessions, Modesl & Assessments, all designed and integrated into a unique Coaching System that is quick and easy to use.

An insightful and responsive system, CoachPro enables you to create an individual development pathway to set and achieve your goals.


Secure & Password Protected Account

You alone will have access to your Personal Account, including all the Coaching Sessions, Models and Assessments you have purchased or completed.

We do not store any of your financial information.  We will not share any of your personal information with any third parties


Self-Coaching Sessions

A responsive interactive Self-Coaching System to identify and develop the direction, motivation, influence and commitment required to set and achieve your goals.

Each Coaching Session produces for you a detailed "Coach Report" from your Session with "Recommended Areas for Development"

This quick and easy process enables you to produce a success roadmap that you can refer back to, share, or have assessed for areas of strengths and points of improvement.

The CoachPro System offers the unique opportunity of a 360 Degree Coaching Sessiom

In addition to the increase in achieving goals and driving desired results, you will be developing your own coaching skills and mindset to master the questions that produce greater performance!


Coaching Models

An extensive and integrated collection of proven Coaching Models organised into 8 key development areas and found by topic or through our dynamic search function.

These quick and easy to use Coaching Models are presented in short videos and where each Models integrates into other topics.

Each Model video sets out the bigger picture for your chosen topic, what this model looks like, what it does, and how best to apply this model to your situation.  There are also some practical and insightful coaching tips provided.

As you select Models, your personal dashboard will respond to show you the areas in which your are working on, and the areas in which you may wish to consider.  

You are also provided throughout with guidance and recommendations based upon your interests and scores.


Coaching Assessments

Dynamic and easy-to-use Assessments provide you with clear, practical, and actionable insight into your chosen areas for coaching and development.

These Assessments have been specifically designed to offer a low-cost, high impact approach to Assessment to encourage greater participation in increasing self-awareness and self-confidence.

Focused across 8 key areas of development, these Assessments can be found by topic or through our dynamic search function.

Each Assessment can be ompleted as a "Self-Assessment" or as a "360 Assessment".

On completeion of each Assessment, a detailed "Coach Report" is produced illustrating where you are in each area of competence relating to your chosen topic.

For support and guidance you are then offered a list of recommendations based upon your scores and feedback from each Assessment.

Your Assessments Reports will be automatically saved in your "MyCoachPro Account" and can also be saved and printed if selected.

As you complete Assessments, you will also earn Coaching Badges and Bonuses!


Development Dashboard

CoachPro provides you with a dynamic and responsive Development Dashoboard to support you in knowing which areas on your journey that you are focusing on, and which areas may benefit from looking at more.  This ensures that your development path is unique to you, and is shaped by your specific areas of activity, focus and interest.

There are 8 key areas of development that range from developing greater self- awareness, self-management and leadership skills, through to enhancing your business and coaching skills.

As each Model, Session and Assessment provides you with upport and guidance as to what would be related or recommended areas for development, you can then see how each of the 8 key areas of development can often compliment and amplify each other.

As CoachPro continues to introduce new and integrated content, you will always be able to see exactly how much of a development area you have already completed, and how much more opportunity there is!


Coaching Badges

Earn Coaching Badges and progress through the different Levels of Coaching as you continue to build your collection of Models, Completed Coaching Sessions & Assessments.

The more you engage with the CoachPro System the greater your coaching capability grows!


Coaching Benefits

Independent Studies Confirm Improvements Attributed to Coaching:

Work Performance (+70%)  Business Management (+61%)  Time Management (+57%)  Personal Effectiveness (+51%)  

Self-Confidence (+80%)  Relationships (+73%)  Communication (+72%)  Work / Life Balance (+67%)