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What The Clients Say

Since 1998, I have been delighted to get the opportunity to work with many CEOs & Senior Executives who have been willing to share their experience and opinion of the work that we have done together.  A sample of those are set out below.


My Coaching Business has been built almost exclusively on referrals, I am focused on supporting and developing my Clients by providing a comprehensive selection of Services


There are still those who see Executive Coaching as being more or less Personal Coaching or Business Coaching with more senior people.  There is far more to Executive Coaching at the highest level than most will appreciate until they have experienced working with a dedicated Executive Coach.  To explore how we could work together to best support you and your Organisation to succeed please Contact today!

”Stephen is a coach who teaches people to coach. His greatest contribution has been to turn me into a truly effective coach to my senior management team, to some people at an intermediate management level in the business, and to some colleagues in the US. By doing this I have been able to motivate them strongly to perform well, and deliver excellent business results. The insights I have got from working with Stephen have also helped me in my personal and family life, and at the same time mean that I am able to tap into and positively influence how people in the organisation think about change, and business events that impact them. I cannot recommend Stephen highly enough. He is a truly wise coach.”

Philip Rowley, CFO, Sony Entertainment


“I have worked with Stephen since 2006 on the executive development of members of my Management Teams in the UK & Ireland, Brasil, Italy & North America. Not only has it helped to strongly develop the individual members of my team, but it also has had a big positive impact on how the Management Team works together today. Also my own executive sessions have helped me to become a better leader. I can recommend Stephen to anyone in business for these kinds of executive coaching programs.”

Rob Brouwer, CEO, Jobrapido


“Stephen has developed an excellent relationship with me because he has incredible insight into our business. He can move from the macro to the micro and always has a clear, concise idea or model that proves to be the solution. Stephen will challenge and it is apparent that he has lots of experience in influencing entrepreneurs and business people. I have had great results working with him and now use him to coach my management team.  He is also fun to work with; in other words, Stephen “Gets it!”

Doug Baird, CEO, New Street Group


"Stephen is easy to work with as he takes time to understand the business issues and gives you space to consider all the options before coming to a decision. He gives senior staff the space and time which is so hard to fit into the day. As a CEO of a large and growing social enterprise he helped me think through how I could personally be ready to grow the business and make the necessary changes to take that step. He is professional and helpful but like all coaches success is better guaranteed when you too engage in the process." 

June O’Sullivan MBE, CEO, London Early Years Foundation


“It's a rare day in the business world when you encounter someone whose approach is so far above what's expected as to be called masterful. Stephen knows his subject matter and he knows people. But his real genius lies in his almost mystical ability to ask just the right question that leads to a crucial insight -- and to do it over and over again. I've known no one better at helping you discover, within yourself, new ways to lead, manage, and drive your career forward.”

Jason Seiken, President, CEO, QCatalyst


“Stephen is truly an exceptional Executive Coach and a great person to have around.  He cuts through complexity at lightning speed and identifies the key issues.  We worked together during a very challenging period and I was extremely lucky to have his support.”

Wolfgang Schickbauer, CEO, Voltimum


“I have worked with Stephen in a number of capacities, including Executive Coaching for colleagues and Facilitation at senior level planning meetings.  I have also referred Stephen to my clients where he has successfully facilitated dynamic Board Level meetings with positive feedback.  Stephen is astute, quickly grasps commercial issues, and is credible.”

Guy Day, CEO, Eames Consulting Group


“I am privileged to have experienced the benefits of having an Executive Coach, and to say that it has been life changing is an understatement.  It has been 10 years since I first worked with Stephen, and I know that he is always there for me.  To this day, I have the copious notes I took from each session, which usually provide me with a light at the end of the tunnel for even the most significant challenges I face.”

Paul Taylor, CEO, Solve IT


“Stephen provided a humane, energising and engaging framework for the senior digital team at Trinity Mirror at a time of disconcerting change. His approach was challenging and yet reassuring, allowing us to trust in our own abilities to unlock potential solutions for ourselves. Some of his models will remain with the team for many a year and are adaptable enough to suit an ever-changing environment.”

Ian Dowds, CEO, UKOM


“As an executive coach Stephen offers insight, clarity and direction. His track record in developing executives, and the success that they attribute to his input, is testimony to the respect he commands. If you think your team could benefit from executive coaching, I strongly suggest that you speak to Stephen.”

Paul Goodman, Founder & CEO, Goodman Masson


“Stephen is somebody that I absolutely trust. He has the ability to help you consider the widest of options to look at things differently which has helped me progress not just in my career but life in general. I'm truly thankful for all the support that Stephen has and continues to provide.”

Phil Owers, CEO, Papirfly


“Stephen is an insightful and uncompromising coach with valuable understanding of the requirements of high level responsibility. He displays excellent communication skills and an ability to condense the complex issues that business managers encounter in daily activity. In my experience his clarity of thought and an understanding of personal motivational issues have proved invaluable.”

Tony English, CEO & Chairman, Purcon Group


“I have worked with Stephen on several projects over the last 15 years. His skill in coaching and developing people through various techniques is incredibly impressive. He gains the trust of the client and has a knack of understanding their needs from the outset, thus providing a very personal solution. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen to an organisation. His skills are quite unique.”

Dale Parmenter, Group CEO, DRP Group


“Stephen has an uncanny talent - invaluable, really - for helping his clients identify the best of them, understand the not-so-best of them, and put it all in a context that can propel their careers forward. His approach encourages clients to think through and clarify what matters most to them in order to make the right decisions for the right reasons. If your firm wants to invest in developing senior management talent, it's smart to start with Stephen.”

David Schrieberg, CEO & Co-Founder, VitalBriefing


“Stephen provided excellent advice and business acumen second to none.”

Paul Taylor, CEO North America, Five Ten Group


“Stephen is an excellent Coach. He has supported me in bringing clarity and focus to my thoughts and equipped me with tools and techniques to firstly make more impact and secondly tackle the big issues our business faces.”

Derek McManus, COO, Telefonica O2


Stephen is a truly expert coach; adept at coaching both self and team management. These two aspects make him exceptional in that instead of simply tackling the how from a perspective of an external delivery issue he also tackles the why from an internal management perspective. 
I've been working with Stephen for a while and will continue to do so; his insights are thoughtful and expert and I trust him completely.  I would highly recommend him to any senior manager who wants to understand what they need to do to excel and how to do so.”

Matthew Colebourne, COO & Co-Founder, Sensian


“Stephen is an insightful coach and consultant. His focus on finding a clear path to the desired result always keeps conversations on the right track. He has great emotional intelligence and offers Board-level advice which is highly strategic but at the same time practical.”

Richard Hubbard, Chief Marketing Officer, ISG


"I worked with Stephen during my time as Chairman of Davis Langdon & Seah International a Construction Consultancy. During this period our global fee turnover grew threefold to US$ 450 million. Stephen was my career coach from the end of 2003. He helped bring clarity to my thinking that led to the establishment of a clear vision for the firm. He dramatically enhanced my presentation skills and enabled me to develop a culture that focused our people on continuous improvement. Were it not for Stephen's input I would not have been as successful nor would I have got as much enjoyment as did from my time as the leader of Davis Langdon." 

Rob Smith, Chairman & Honorary Professor, The Bartlett School of Architecture


“I have worked with Stephen now for a number of years.  We worked initially on challenging my thinking to achieve personal career goals and to provide clarity around the management of peers and working with senior executives at board level to succeed in achieving business critical objectives. Through business re-engineering and strategic forward planning to meet demanding market conditions, Stephen provided first class coaching and thought provoking objectivity in all leadership areas. I have also utilised Stephen to engage with my senior management team in order to stretch, challenge and engage them in achieving team cohesion and key business objectives. Stephen works well with the best people enabling them to become better! I am delighted to recommend him.”

Mark Darby, President, Professional Staffing, 360 Solutions Inc.


“Stephen is a business coach with a difference, he not only understands people but he understands BUSINESS. He is assured and engages individuals in discussions with his questioning manner. He has a huge amount to offer and is a pleasure to work with.”

Peter Linas, EVP Corporate Development & International, Bullhorn


Stephen Gribben worked for me and Monster over the last 12 years providing the following services:
- Executive Leadership Coaching
- Strategic Value Meeting
- Executive Public Speaking training skills
- Strategic consulting for large motivational events and conferences
Stephen is a thoughtful professional and strategic partner who has the ability to make people reflect on their individual and business needs while at the same time focusing on the end in mind.
Stephen is thought provoking, inspiring motivator and strategic thinker.
With time Stephen has also acquired a very deep understanding and awareness of our company's culture, people's strengths and weaknesses. This allows him to operate as if it was an integral part of the organization.

Andrea Bertone, EVP GM, Monster North America & Europe


"Stephen has, over a number of years, provided me with invaluable advice and inspiration to succeed. Not only has Stephen built my confidence and self belief but has provided me with tools and techniques to inspire others. Working with Stephen means making a genuine investment in yourself that always delivers results for your business." 

Alan Townsend, SVP Sales Readiness & Business Operations EU, Monster


“Stephen is not someone you meet everyday. He has a rare blend of commerciality and a genuine desire to see you succeed. Stephen has high integrity and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any one who is looking to develop the capability of their team and values the importance of self development”

Richard Bradley, VP EMEA Project Resourcing & MD UK&I, Kelly Services


 “Stephen adds value in many different ways and in different contexts. Sometimes he guides you through your own internal monologues; sometimes he guides you into new fields of information & models; sometimes he makes order where there is chaos; sometimes he takes a room of people to a higher than expected goal; sometimes he helps you see what is in front of your face. After you have spent time with him you always feel stronger, smarter and more prepared to tackle the whole spectrum of business issues that makes up a working week.”

Warren Hammond, SVP Sales, @ Leisure, an Axel Springer Company


“Stephen is a pleasure to work with.  I continue to be impressed with his sessions, specifically how he remains steadfast towards the goal of highest standards throughout”

Peter Gilfillan, SVP Sales Canada, DBS Power & Energy

Stephen is one of those rare and highly talented people that I've had the pleasure of working with in some shape or form over the last 15 years or so and in a number of different roles. We first worked together in my time at AOL (Europe) where he coached the group Executive team and, most recently, when I led Trinity Mirror's digital transformation. If you're thinking about working with Stephen then my strong advice is to go ahead and meet with him. Stephen consistently helps people develop much greater self-insight and, ultimately, realise the potential they have in themselves and their teams. To me that's his greatest strength and value. To do this he brings experience, challenge, impartiality, tough (but necessary) questioning, frameworks, humility, commitment, and a little Scottish wit and humour - all of which I've seen work well in both group and individual environments. I don't normally give such glowing references but in this case it is very much deserved.

Chris Ellis, VP Commercial & Business Development ANZ, Viacom


“I started working with Stephen in early 2010. During that time I have found him to be an exceptional coach, from whom I have benefited greatly. Stephen has an incredible ability to provide absolute clarity of thought around any situation I pose, leveraging proven techniques and critical thinking to help me drive to a better outcome. He constantly challenges my thinking around how I manage many different situations which occur within my global role, as a result of which I find that I am constantly learning and looking for opportunities to bring to our discussions. He also provides confidence in creating future challenges today, which are beneficial both to me, those other senior leaders and clients I work with, and ultimately the organisation I work for. I have found Stephen to be especially insightful in areas of emotional intelligence, being far more effective operating within the margins at a senior level, and the potential impact of leaving something on the table that I had an opportunity to do something with. I cannot speak highly enough of him as an individual, and what he brings to the role, and I look forward to benefiting further from his vast experience and practical approach. He is an investment with which brings a significant return on that investment.”

John Lyons, VP & GM Global Client Group, Global Business Travel, American Express


“Stephen is definitively a great coach. He helps me to enhance my talent for the best of my career and for the quality of my day to day work.”

Gilles Cavallari, VP, Groupe SAMSIC


Undoubtedly, the greatest contribution from having Stephen Gribben as my executive coach has been to help me make sense of why I do what I do and to recognise that all of my previous experiences in life have evolved into behaviours and strategies that have enabled me to achieve what I have to date. The coaching programme, has given me much greater clarity on my goals in life both personal and professional and a more accurate self assessment of where I am today. This, together with excellent 360 feedback has helped to pinpoint for me what I need to do moving forward to develop World Class Leadership competences.

Jack Constantinides, Global VP HR, Monster


“Stephen has been and still is an excellent coach not just to me but to other members of the team. Having work with numerous organisations, he quickly understands the challenges that we face, not only as individuals but also as a company and guides us in working out how we move forward. As a result, the digital team has been able to evolve, grow and develop which without his input would have taken much longer and not necessarily with the same positive outcomes.”

Shaun Jordan, VP Sales, Fandom


 “Working with Stephen has been no less than life-altering. Stephen knows how to let you find the answers yourself of questions he solved long ago. Stephen immediately tunes into the current challenges in your career and gives you tangible tools and models to work with. I constantly hear myself quoting Stephen and I know each time we talk I come away a better professional, leader and person.”

Rikke Wivel, Vice President Business Strategy, Featuring.


“I have worked with Stephen over the past 10 years in various capacities:

I have been part of an audience whereby Stephen facilitated Motivational and Leadership sessions.  I found him to be very inspiring and thought provoking. In particular, even with a large group, he manages to involve everyone and make them feel that they have a part to play.

Training and coaching is also an area in which I have been guided by Stephen.  His help in this area has been invaluable, given me tremendous support and confidence for speaking events.  In my view his strengths are his ability to clearly communicate in a direct and very constructive manner.

In my capacity as ‘event organizer’, he has provided great support in a variety of formats – everything from developing creative ideas, coaching speakers, motivating the troops, and basically ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

In summary, I think what makes Stephen a valuable asset to the Monster team is that he works and thinks as if he is part of our business, he also understands the people, the culture and the challenges that we face.”

Karen Skewies, VP International Sales, Monster


“Stephen is a fantastic person to work with; he has an incredible ability to help you find the answers for yourself. He essentially holds the mirror up for you to gaze and reflect and find your own answers and paths to the solutions for the issues you face. Highly recommended the more faith you put in yourself and him the more you have to gain from working with such an insightful coach. ”

David Henry, VP of Marketing & Brand, Go Ahead Tours


"Stephen is a great personal and career coach who is able to action the right levers in order for the individual to find his / her path, become a stronger manager and in the end a Multiplier, meaning someone that finds in each one of his team members the keys to grow personally and professionally." 

Stephane Bail, General Manager Western Europe, Nike Skateboarding & Hurley Europe, Nike


 “Stephen is a great guy who worked with our team in group sessions.  We enjoyed his approach and valued his insight.”

Tom Mason, Global Leader, RPO Talent Acquisition, IBM


“As a result of Stephen's coaching I'm now in a senior role within a Global Business, and I believe I get the results the business needs of me as a direct result of Stephen's input. In addition, I feel prepared for the challenges I will face in the future.”

Mark McFall, Group Managing Director, Change Recruitment Group


“Stephen has an extraordinary skill when it comes to developing others. His knowledge & methods are practical & effective at every level, & as a result, enable you to achieve greater success.”

Ben Wallace, Managing Director, DRP Digital


“Stephen is a 'go to guy'. Whenever you are faced with uncertainty, especially concerning a business critical decision - Stephen is a good source of advice.”

Harpy Lally, Managing Director, Dharam Consulting


“Stephen is a very effective executive coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have worked with him for many years and have successfully recommended him to a number of colleagues.”

Jackie Cowper, Group Head of Property & Business Continuity, Standard Life Assurance, part of Phoenix Group


I had the pleasure to meet with Stephen: he became my coach and significantly helped me in this very challenging position of CIO.  Stephen has proven to be a very trustable, reliable person, with whom I could share my concerns and get his outside view and advice, and I was looking for our weekly sessions. He also allowed me to grow as a manager through his in depth coaching. His style has proven the key to all these benefits and I would recommend Stephen to anyone who wants to continue to grow.

Jose-Maria deHeredia, Unit Director IT, The Global Fund


“It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with Stephen.  The breadth and depth of his knowledge, skill and expertise in coaching individuals and groups to achieve both business and personal excellence is truly exceptional.”

Julie Christie, Operations & Transformation Director, Serco


“Stephen is great.  His coaching is clear, easy to apply immediately, and permanent.  He’s refreshingly honest and challenging.  He’s helped me enormously.”

Keith Poole, Digital Editor, The Sun


“I have experienced a great advancement in my skills as a business leader through Stephen's expert advice and coaching. With an insightful nature and an armoury of intelligent, yet highly practical business tools and theories, Stephen has an ability to make the 'complex' simple and to significantly widen one's perspective and quality of thought to reach better decisions and drive improved performance at both the personal and business levels. Add to this, the fact that he is great person to deal with, personable, honest and reliably consistent, he is a great consultant to have/hire in to any business.”

Steve Waltho, Director, Turner & Townsend


“I have worked with Stephen over a number of years and can attest to the fact that he is a true professional with an innovative approach which achieves results.” 

Sue Campbell, Non Executive Director, London Learning Consortium                                                 


“Stephen's coaching has really helped me to deal with many challenges, boosted my confidence, and given me specific techniques to help improve my performance as a senior manager.”

Karen Kelly, Head of Corporate Programmes, City of Edinburgh Council                


“Stephen is the sort of person you could spend all day talking with on a professional basis and apart from not noticing where the time had gone you would end the day with 100% quality, no filling. Whether the coaching is generalist on a career progression basis or more specific to deal with individual issues, he will have prepared and be ready to work with you to challenge your own thoughts, move you easily to a place where you may not have thought you were capable of getting to. Stephen builds confidence and critiques and challenges with ease and without creating tensions.”

David Daly, Regional Director, Davis Langdon, an AECOM company


“Stephen is a superb business coach. He is highly intuitive, great fun to work with and has an incredible ability which enables you to see through the "blind spots" which hold back both your organisations and your own growth. I'd absolutely recommend Stephen as a catalyst to any business or individual who is seeking to break through to the next level of growth.”

Matt Richards, Group Chairman, Vistage International


“Stephen has been more than just a coach over the past 7 years. He has been an inspirational coach on many occasions and I believe he has the genuine ability to understand the business, any business, and take a step back in order to help you understand more clearly what are the right decisions or right approach to take. He has dealt with every business situation from executing complex strategies to basic day to day operational decisions. Through his coaching I have developed many managerial and leadership skills.  His availability and flexibility are second to none and I have found him particularly effective in managing change and career evolution with large groups and high level executives.”

Bruno Bremond, Managing Director & Partner, Map & Match


“Stephen is an expert who helps his clients achieve real clarity of thought around an issue that often feels like a breakthrough when the session is completed; A remarkable skill.”

Tony Llewellyn, Team Development Director, ResoLex


 “I have had the opportunity to get inspired by Stephen when he was hosting strategic sessions and 1-2-1 coaching as well. Stephen has really taken me on a learning journey. By focusing on my strengths and giving the insight and tools to expand on them, it really allowed me to have more impact in achieving my goals. Next to this he has the incredible ability to give insight in human behaviour that is in a way the basis of all management situations that I encounter when leading sales. Things that I have learned about are: trust, commitment, the energy in vision creation, and the pragmatic necessity of making that first step toward your goals.  This has been of tremendous help.”

Bas Silos, Owner & Head of Sales, ABOSS B.V.


“I enjoyed our interactive coaching sessions and use the material discussed on a regular basis. I will work with Stephen again in the future.”

Steve Coates, Managing Director, Matthews Southwest Developments EMEA


"Stephen has been a key and integral part of my development. As I grow professionally, I find his techniques and expertise in executive coaching is always aligned to my current role and objectives. This includes any internal and external influences that may be having a current impact on my success. With Stephen’s continued support, I am able to create business visions and strategies in addition to having improved lateral and logical thinking. This has a positive impact on my role and improved the quality and level of my success both personally and professionally."

Nikki Brain, Managing Director, Matt Burton Associates


 “Stephen has worked with me for approximately eight years. In that time he has assisted me with my personal development. In the words of my line partner, "you are a significantly better contributor which is directly attributable to the executive coaching provided by Stephen". I am indebted to him for advancing my career and would always strongly recommend him.”

Kevin Sims, Director, KAM Project Consultants Ltd.


 “Stephen has always asked the difficult questions which develop a greater awareness in oneself. This contributes hugely to the success of the business and Stephens expertise is very much in the 'enabling the managers to manage better ' rather than adopting models to be followed. This approach to coaching is well received here and at my previous company.”

Richard Baldwin, Head of Development, Derwent London Plc


“I originally came across Stephen through several recommendations as to his capabilities and professionalism as an executive coach. From my very first meeting I was immediately taken and impressed with his ability to quickly grasp the major issues within our business and, through extensive probing and discussion, better enable me to move ahead with my own commercial goals and aspirations. As one of the most experienced executive coaches in the UK, Stephen is able to draw on his vast experience across a variety of businesses to benefit an individual's circumstances.”

Naveen Tuli, Managing Partner EMEA & APAC, Major, Lindsey & Africa


“Stephen Gribben is a natural coach and born motivator. The business improvement that Stephen has brought to Class 1 Consultants Ltd has seen revenue increase year upon year over the past five consecutive years. I have always found Stephen trustworthy, reliable and consistently fantastic with advice, support and creative solutions.”

Brian Hutcheson, Managing Director, Class 1 Consultants


“Stephen has worked with me in two capacities; one as a personal coach and secondly as a facilitator. One of the key ingredients to Stephen's successful approach is his relationship building with his clients, he takes time to understand common issues and is quick to piece together the wider organisational issues, and his business experience allows him to do this with great success. He has personally helped both me and my team members to get to the real issues around 'successful performance' and what we need to do to achieve our targeted outcomes. Personable, knowledgeable and professional are all words I would use to describe Stephen. I see him being part of my team for a number of years.”

Rachel Kay, Business Development & Client Managing Director, Knowledge Pool (Capita People Solutions)


"I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen as I was progressing from Associate to Director. I only had one session with Stephen, but in that hour and a half he was able to arm me with tools and provide tips on how to approach situations from a different perspective, which I use today to carry out my role as a Director. I would always welcome another conversation at any time." 

Mark Schumann, National Head of Advisory & Managing Partner, Rider Levett Bucknall


“Stephen has helped me considerably to gain context of my place in the great order of things in my place of employment - a dark place situated in a land of broken dreams. He has made me feel less vulnerable to the vicissitudes of senior management and has suggested many innovative and fruitful approaches which have led me towards a more positive personal dynamic in the workplace.”

Ron Hardwick, Head of Procurement, City of Edinburgh Council

“Stephen is an excellent coach with a business attitude and focus as well as an ability to provide many helpful examples. He has strong processes and techniques to improve your business management and interpersonal skills. I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen; he has a proven track record in Ireland and the UK.” 

Peter Cosgrove, Director, CPL


“Stephen is an excellent choice as an Executive Coach due to his knowledge and track record in this arena. Working with Stephen has allowed me to work on strategic concepts and implement them within my business areas. I would highly recommend Stephen.”

Sally McFall, Director, McFall Recruitment


“I was first given the chance to work with Stephen in 2010 and hope he will continue to be a part of my career. He has an amazing ability to break down even the most complicated business issues into simple straightforward choices. A coaching session with Mr.Gribben will leave you slightly emotionally exhausted, but with a complete clarity of thinking to go and improve your business and get tangible results.”

Mike Gardner, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Appetite4Work


"Stephen provided our senior team with a framework for mapping out the next steps for our business. His approach, methodology and knowledge were impressive and he instantly built confidence and brought the team together. I would definitely recommend Stephen and would use him again to work with a team." 

Michelle Roberts-Clarke, Director of Sales & Marketing, Park Chinois


“Stephen is able to quickly bring strategic clarity to a conversation, business plan or issue. He has a unique but engaging style that people respond well to seemingly becoming hooked to the knowledge and frameworks that he articulates and illustrates with simplicity. Perhaps most importantly he has a dogmatic edge and doesn’t let things go when it is probably the easier option to do so. Through his coaching and facilitating off site days, Stephen completely understands the culture and nuances of our business and has worked hard to get under our skin to ensure he understands key stakeholders as individuals. To use a film analogy, if executive coaching were Jedi training, then Stephen would be your Yoda! He’s a valued business partner to me and EMR and I’m happy to endorse his work.”

Simon Bassett, Managing Director, tml Partners


“I currently work with Stephen in his role as Executive Coach and have done for the last 8 years. During that time my sessions and ongoing support from Stephen have helped me understand my capability as both a professional and a person and helped me deliver on that potential. His expertise and experience have proved invaluable and his willingness to always do that little bit extra means he has been a superb person to work with. He has made a huge difference to me on many levels and I can't recommend him highly enough.”

Adam Kyriacou, Managing Partner, Odgers Interim Australia


“Stephen is a great coach who has a track record of being able to work with differing skill and mindsets to achieve the best possible outcome. He is highly personable and goes out of his way to be available for guidance and advice. Many of the staff we have had coached with Stephen have gone on to great success and also won many internal awards. I highly recommend this expert and professional.”

Phil Clarke, Managing Director, Invenio


“I've benefitted from Stephen's expertise a couple of times over the last few years, and have found him to be outstanding in his field.”

David Crum, Director & Owner, 330 Consulting Ltd.


“Stephen has been a ‘breath of fresh air’ in my view. ‘It’s pretty unique to be working with someone who understands the culture of a business and can help people on their journey to fulfilling business goals whilst majoring on personal destiny. I have successfully applied, in a variety of scenarios (and shared with others), the approaches and tools presented by Stephen which have produced clarity and underpinned a structured approach to creating solutions.”

Andrew Stevenson, Project Director, Strategic Investment Board

 “I have known Stephen through business connections for many years and I have been on the receiving end of his expert business coaching skills. Stephen has coached me through some challenging periods which have enabled me to make positive informed business/personal/life changing decisions. In developing these skills, it has helped influence and support those around me to also achieve success. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Stephen to any individual/business as a true expert in his field.”

Viki Wright, Owner, Crail Airfield & Crail Raceway


“Stephen has been my executive coach for some years now. I really feel he has made a difference to my approach to work and life in general. His in depth way of working with clients makes you feel he is someone you can trust.” 

Ian Gordon, Director, The Edinburgh Tattoo


"Stephen is an executive coach and I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with him at our Management Conference as well as Sales Conference. 
Besides being a pleasure to work with, Stephen is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed problem solving techniques that can be utilized not only in business but in our day to day lives as well. His developed techniques aide in building a solid plan for moving forward as well as laying the foundation to win others over to your plan of attack. Stephen has this uncanny ability to size up one's obstacles and help the individual break through. 
Following our initial meeting, I have utilized Stephen's problem solving techniques in a number of situations and time and time again, I am able to succinctly communicate my ideas and gain support.
I highly recommend Stephen. He is terrific to work with and would make a great asset to any organization. I look forward to working with him again in the future."

Missie Bonnet, National Director, MediaWorks

“Stephen is a first class coach and has an excellent insight in to what goes on in the business psyche. He has an engaging delivery style and is easily able to hold the attention of his audience.”

Kevin Bradley, Managing Partner, The Glenmhor Partnership


“I have recently had the benefit of working with Steve as I move into a Senior Leadership role within the business. Steve has a unique ability to identify and respond instinctively to the needs that I have and provide clear, concise and practical application of techniques and understanding that provide immediate benefit. I am confident that the work that I am doing with Steve will push me on through my current plateau and provide the skill-set required to achieve success. These are life skills with multiple applications in both my personal and corporate life.”

Erland Rendall, Director & Owner, Atorus Consult

“I was at something of a crossroads when Stephen agreed to work with me. I have never underestimated how useful it was to me both on a personal and professional level. He was very challenging and in turn helped me to challenge myself and realise my potential. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wants to continue to move forward.” 

Simon Tucker-Brown, Managing Director – Hotels, Leisure & Travel Division, PSD Group


“Stephen has been interesting and enjoyable to work with both as a coach to me and as a consultant to some of my clients. He has great insight and depth within a broad range of cognitive skills. He is flexible and easy to work with. I would recommend him to those who want to go beyond archetypal coaching; his approach is far more expansive than that.”

Karen Osborn, Senior Account Manager, Emphasis Training


"Stephen mixes incisive advice with a great deal of common sense. He makes you look at problems and situations with from a whole new angle, and enables you to see 'the 'wood from the trees', both personally and for your business." 

David Connolly, Director – Head of Corporate Solutions - Europe, Davis Langdon, an AECOM Company


“Stephen donated his services to help CLIC Sargent. We asked a young woman to speak at our annual ball and Stephen helped her with the content and delivery of her speech to achieve maximum results. She was helped by CLIC Sargent and she was asking the guests to donate their money so we could continue to do our work and help others like her. Large credit must go to the young woman but Stephen helped her with the structure of her speech and was there on the night to reassure her. It was one of the best speeches we've had at an event and it helped to raised £285k for CLIC Sargent!”

Sophie Eaton, Events Director, CLIC Sargent


“It is difficult to briefly state what Stephen's core values and skills are as they are numerous. If I had to pinpoint the fundamental value, it would be his ability to listen and then challenge and more importantly ensure you then challenge and assess yourself. I come away from meetings with Steve with a better insight into myself and the business world around me and that has to be a good thing! It also helps that he does this with a smile and an appreciated sense of humour.”

David Judge , Partner, Connected Consulting


“Stephen has been the single most important person I have worked with during the last 5 years. He enables me to find clarity of thought around the challenges I've been facing and has given me fresh insights and ways of approaching things that have really assisted me to run the business, especially during some tough market conditions. He challenges and provokes my thinking and provides ideas, concepts and models that I come back to and utilise on a regular basis. It is great to have an objective voice that helps me look at my business through fresh eyes, both strategically and tactically, and I always come away from our meetings with some golden nugget that I can use. As an individual, I hold Stephen in high regard and he is my first port of call when I need to think things through and get a sanity check on things. He has excellent communication and facilitation skills and is a genuinely decent person, which is vital to enable us to have the working relationship we do.”

Glen Prince, UK Account Manager, MSC Software


“Stephen connects with people. He does this extremely well and apparently without effort. As a natural communicator, he gets their attention by explaining concepts in clear, concise terms without complication or the intrusion of jargon or industry-speak. As a coach, he develops trust by creating a personal bond based on his integrity and reinforces it with his pervasive common sense. He is very easy to work with and commands a loyal following.”

Tony Wales, Director of Legal Affairs, The British Standards Institute


“Stephen is a great coach. He has helped me understand the value of taking a deep breath before reacting to potentially difficult situations. He acts with great integrity and has the insight to very quickly gain an understanding of a problem and deliver the solution. Stephen has helped me understand myself and indeed helped me to influence those around me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stephen as an expert in his field.” 

Jon Dedman, Director, Gleeds


 “Stephen has played a significant role in helping me become more influential and successful through first class group and individual sessions. He has brought a new perspective to everything I do at work through calm, informed and expert coaching”

Nick Schumann, Partner, Rider Levett Bucknall


“I have had the opportunity to work with Stephen on a number of occasions over the past 6 months, which has been a genuinely beneficial. He seemed immediately able to understand my capabilities, opportunities and frustrations through his approachable and consultative approach, which assisted greatly in my own self awareness. Stephen facilitated me to refocus and have a greater strategic view on my work, eliminating non productive areas of my day, which in turn really enhanced my capability to add value. He is one of the few management coaches that have the capability to make a difference, as he is able to assist people to maximise their potential.”

Nick Claypole, Director, NEC Hospitality Associates


“Stephen brings a clarity to executive management that helps in creating a focused, vision driven strategic plan to be developed. His support in maintaining the sight on the end goal in a way that is easy to understand and align to, is a real talent.”

James Muir, Non Executive Board Member, Robinson Low Francis


“Stephen's support and insight was invaluable during a period of change, both for the team and on an individual level. Stephen is intuitive, is prepared to challenge and considers the big picture along with the detail.”

Mandy Smithson, Client Director: Talent, Korn Ferry


“I have known Stephen for nearly 15 years. He is an exceptional coach with an ability to inspire not only individuals but a room full of staff of all levels. Stephen has a gift for working with executive teams, coaching them to perform to the best of their abilities.”

Lynn Brown, Executive Director of Finance, Glasgow City Council & Strathclyde Pension Fund


“Stephen introduced me to coaching for the first time and over the course of a few years I benefited enormously from his guidance and coaching. I would recommend him to everyone.”

Xavier Martin, Manager Human Resources, Commonwealth Bank


“I worked with Stephen when fairly new to the management team within the company and the support and guidance he gave me during this period was invaluable to aid my further development. Stephen is a wise, eloquent and effective communicator who supports rather than patronises, an approach that really enables the recipient to reinforce their decision making strategy whilst developing their own style.  It also makes the coaching very much a two-way process.”

Rupert Scott, Head of Client Services, Ajilon UK


“I would highly recommend Stephen's services to any organisation. 
Over the past few months I have received 1-1 coaching from Stephen in any - and all - aspects of my job; this has covered the management of peer-peer relationships as well as the more general coverage of employee management, goal setting and "upward management". His ability to assess the root cause quickly, then replace this with an objective view leading into a practical method to overcome any issue allowing progress is excellent – and second to none.  I have attended multiple management development sessions of similar agendas throughout my 35 year management career – none as expertly delivered as this. Stephen’s input has altered the entire approach of our management process and attitudes dramatically.  I certainly would recommend Stephen to any organisation.”

Bud Campbell, Programme Director, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde


“Stephen is an excellent Executive Coach. He quickly understands both the business requirements and personal dynamics, and then provides very relevant advice, tools and techniques to ensure both personal and business growth. He also creates fantastic rapport and I know that I can trust Stephen implicitly, which enables great results to be achieved. I enjoy working with Stephen and would definitely recommend him to others.”

Lyndsey Teaz, Finance Director, Meter Assets, Data & Energy Services, SMS Plc


“Stephen is an outstanding executive coach who has the knack of very quickly understanding his clients’ requirements thus saving valuable time. He is extremely professional and personable and builds rapport extremely easily. Stephen is a pleasure to work with, very honest and hard-working. Stephen is one of the first people I think of when I am asked by a senior member of staff to recommend an executive coach and he will continue to be.”

Stephen Coe, Learning Specialist, HSBC


"Working with Stephen is simply life changing in an amazing way"

Richard Duffy, Senior Manager – Technology Strategy, Accenture


“Stephen gets it. He identifies potential for improvement and helps leaders to get there. He has a wide range of tools and techniques that he adapts to fit for purpose. He has worked successfully with many senior leaders. Definitely worth talking to.”

Paul McCann, Group HR Director, ISG plc.


“Stephen provided executive coaching to me in my role as Sales Director Benelux at Monster. His in depth knowledge of corporate organizations and organization processes and the Monster organization in particular with its business and people challenges gave me a strong guidance on how to develop myself in my role. He is an open minded and warm person with whom I found it easy to discuss any business or personal topic I had on my mind.  His creative insights to topics were always refreshing and his ability to pinpoint the difficulties and opportunities immediately made the coaching sessions lively, intense and challenging.  I always came out of the sessions with new energy and new ideas!”

Monique van Kraay, Director, Alliances & Partners, Workday


“Stephen is an exceptional coach who I have had the pleasure of working with and have benefited from enormously. He has been an inspiration in fine tuning my skills and abilities which in turn has resulted in my decisions being more forward looking and better balanced by incorporating all the relevant factors. He has always been on hand to provide advice, inspiration and above all, confidence in taking the right path.  His ability to understand the many issues and challenges that you face, then encourage you to reason with them and install the self-belief to make the right decision is unsurpassable.”

Paul Winchester, Founder, Movement8


“I was one of the first individual's in my organisation to work with Stephen 10 years ago and it is a testimony to him that he continues to work with and help the senior managers after all these years. He offers an unbiased view and gets your mind exercising - a feat in today's world in its own right! I would not hesitate in recommending him.”

Richard Baker, Director, Sales Director, Accountancy Action


“It is a real privilege to work with Stephen. He understands very quickly what it is about and uses very concrete and workable models to coach you. A session with Stephen is always very inspiring and motivating. Every session gives me a boost of energy to tackle the challenges in front of me. By bringing the sessions into practice, you feel you are making progress and in a sustainable way.  Stephen has a great personality, a particular sense of humour and a genuine interest in people.  This makes it very enriching to interact with him both professionally and personally.”

Ulrich Biebaut, GM Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg, Monster


“Stephen and I have spent over 18 months working together and in that time he has truly helped me to see things, and most importantly myself, differently. A wealth of useful knowledge and techniques, I thoroughly enjoy every meeting, and find it a cross between being 'on a couch' and business meeting with someone who inspires and challenges me. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to spend time with Stephen.”

Frank Durrell, Director, Digital & IS, Philip Morris International


I would highly recommend working with Stephen if you are looking to improve your efficiency and efficacy by working with a strategically-minded business consultant / executive coach. I have found him to have a unique ability to rapidly distil what may have seemed a complex business challenges / sets of circumstances to allow you to identify solutions swiftly. At times it will feel like you are being coached, at times it will feel you are being managed and at times it may feel like therapy! Ultimately he is a commercially-focused, highly-experienced and professional executive coach who will help optimise your capability in your chosen area of leadership.

John Smith, Director, The Accountancy Recruitment Group


I freely admit I was sceptical about business coaching before I met Stephen but that changed within a few minutes. He is as affable as he is professional and really got the best out of me and my team. The true value of Stephen's work isn't in the coaching sessions though - it's the after effect. I genuinely found being coached by Stephen transformative. A lot of what we explored and discussed help me day in, day out. I cannot recommend Stephen highly enough.

Matt Buckle, Partner & Strategy Director, Transmission Productions Ltd.