Since 1998, I have worked and developed to become is an internationally recognised expert and a renowned and successful Executive Coach, Faciltator, Speaker & Bestselling Author. See Profile

I have worked around the world with CEOs and Senior Executives in the private and public sectors delivering more than 25,000 hours of professional Executive Coaching, & Corporate Programmes & Events .I am also the creator of

Conference & Keynote Speaker

With more than 100 Conference and Keynote Speeches Events across the UK, Europe, North America, Canada, Middle East & Australia since 2001 I have been privileged to work with some fantastic people and Organisations.


With a very practical and impactful "models" approach to my work and research I always aim to strike the optimal combination of inspiration, motivation and entertainment with actionable, evidenced and clearly explained methods and tools to enhance performance.


My most requested topics are all Performance focused in their delivery:

  • Leadership & Motivation
  • Influence & Resilience
  • Mindset, Strategy & Performance
  • Setting & Achieving Goals
  • Coaching Skills for Performance

For all Speaking & Keynote Enquiries, please contact me directly to discuss your thoughts and desired outcomes at



The CEO Executive Coaching Programme

The CEO Programme

High Impact, CEO Specific, Business Focused , Flexible Coaching Programmes

  • Programme 1: "Leading Through Uncertain Times" (3 Sessions)
  • Programme 2: "Driving Profitable Growth" (3 Sessions)
  • Programme 3: "Value Creation & Definition" (3 Sessions)
  • Programme 4: "Coaching Skills for CEOs" (3 Sessions)
  • Programme 5: "Vision, Strategy & Momentum" (3 Sessions)

An Essential Series of Coaching Sessions for Today's Successful CEO

Call +44 7876 032744 or email to discuss and decide on the best Programme for you.

A Comprehensive Range of Coaching Solutions

As the appreciation of the value and impact that can be experienced through Coaching has expanded, so has the range of methods, approaches and applications that can be considered.  Having worked directly with Clients for more than 20 years now, I am able to design, deliver, facilitate, or provide for internal delivery, bespoke coaching solutions, programmes and initiatives that deliver optimal results! 

Great Coaching Solutions for Great Clients.

Award Winning Models, Programmes and Delivery to drive performance and growth for your Organisation

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The Ultimate Online Coaching System

Launched in 2019, CoachPro is a comprehensive coaching system for Individuals, Organisations, and Professional Coaches providing integrated Coaching Models, Assessments & Coaching Sessions.

I am delighted to present CoachPro as a fantastic coaching system that genuinely enhances coaching capabilities and the achievement of goals!


This low-cost, interactive and responsive system allows for:

  • Individuals to accelerate their personal development
  • Organisations to develop a coaching culture to enhance the performance of leaders and managers
  • Professional Coaches to develop their skills, confidence and business practice

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The Bestselling Book

Key Coaching Models:

The 70+ Models Every Manager, Executive and Coach Needs to Know

Published by FT Publishing International.


All Leaders, Executives and Managers are now expected to use coaching techniques to get the most out of their people and their business.  With 72 proven, easy to use coaching models to enhance performance, job satisfaction and motivation, they will be more effective for Individuals, Teams and Organisations.


From Professional Coaches to anyone who wants to enhance their ability to increase their performance and results, and the achievement of others, this book provides a unique collection of original and practical tools and techniques


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